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Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max 2 Wireless Remote Control Light Motorized Board

Maxfind Electric Skateboard Max 2 Wireless Remote Control Light Motorized Board

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Maxfind Electric Skateboard Forth Generation MAX2 with 2000W In-wheel Dual-driven Motors COOL Remote Cotroller Max Speed 23MPH



This is MAXFIND's fourth generation of wonderful work - MAX2. The products that Maxfind pioneered have already achieved quite good sales and influence in the international market. We have a fixed fan base in international online shopping platforms and most countries, they come from all over the world. They have different genders, ages, occupations, and lifestyles, but they all have one thing in common, they are cool!

This new product of MAX2 is a new product after the upgrade.They have a technologically appealing appearance. They are great travel tools. I believe will be received more people.

Product Description

  • Glass fiber & PP composite, only 6.5KG/14.3lbs:  It has a strong quality, lighter and easier to lift with one hand. You will have an easy experience.
  • Unibody with built-in electric components  : Breaking through the traditional skateboarding is a   very suitable travel tool.  
  • Max Speed & Battery Type: 28km/h(17.4mile/h) & 4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH  It has a strong power, and will make you have a speed experience, feel the thrill of the limit. And can be fully charged within two hours. 
  • Powerful 1000W*2 in-wheel dual-driven motors: Original imported battery, and guaranteed battery life.
  • Wheel Material:PU  In order to make the skateboard more stable at the extreme speed, we used a hard PU
  • IP65 dust-water-proof design & 25% incline rate: It is suitable for all kinds of flat roads, detours, water channels and ramps.

  • Battery Charge Time & Cycle charging : 120 minutes & 800 times​
  • Max loading: 120KG/265lbs


max2 tup_


Skateboard Parts Instruction

  • Grip tape: For anti-skid
  • Deck : uni-body built by PP Composite with glass fiber, surface is covered by carbon fiber material
  • Charging port:Charge with the original charger (Align the charging port with 3 pins)
  • Switch:control the board on and off. The blue light keeps on after turned on, after paired with remote, it starts flashing.
  • Trucks: control the board’s left and right direction.
  • Hub motors: motor built-in wheels.



Battery Description

  • Type:4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH
  • Capacity: LG
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Charge time: 120 minutes
  • Cycle charging: 800 times

Packing List

  • Electric Skateboard 
  • Accessories box 
  • Remote Controller
  • Charger 
  • Charging cable 
  • T Tool
  • User Manuel
  • Remote Controller string
  • Micro Charge Line​

Remote Controller Instruction :

  • Switch button:  On - switch on , Off - switch off
  • Speed Mode Switch : Switch Speed mode ( Lo - low speed ; Hi - High speed )
  • Charging port : Please use original charging cable to charge by USB port of computer. When charging the red indicator light is on , when fully charged the red light will be off.
  • Cruise mode : When the speed over 10km/h, you press this button, the board will be set to cruise at that speed. You will be out from this mode by any other operation on the remote.
  • Code button: This button is for pairing, when the board finished production, they were paired with remote.

 ​( Remote pair method : 1. Turn on the board, keep pressing the power button for 5 seconds, then the power button will flash slowly. 2. Then turn on the remote and press the code button, the indicator light on remote will flash simultaneously. 3. paired successfully )

  • Signal indicator : Flash simultaneously with the board power light means paired.
  • Power indicator :  4 lights indicate the power of the board. 



  •  Do not over charge the remote, or it will destroy the remote battery.
  • The remote will be in standby mode if the electric skateboard is off.(The remote will be connected again when the skateboard is on).
  • Please turn off the remote when non-use, or it will consume the remote battery and shorten the usage life of the remote battery.
  • Remote range is about 10 meters, and it will be unconnected over this limitation.
  • The skateboard would stop working once switching the direction mode, and it won’t be changed directions until the skateboard stops.
  • Please put on the official sling on the remote or the remote would be lost on your riding

Remote Charging Notes:

(Beep sounds inside the remote mean low battery of the skateboard, please charge it in time.)

Put the micro USB line on the remote charging port and connect with 5V power supply(charging port on computer will be ok). The inside light of the remote will be slightly red when charging and turn off when fully charged. Please do not over-charge the remote. 


Please charge the electric skateboard/remote for your first fantastic riding. 

Skateboard Charging Notes

(Beep sounds inside the board mean low battery of the skateboard, please charge it in time.)

First, put the AC adapter plug with your household equipment, the light on adapter will be in green. If not, please check the power supply or change the adapter.

Second, Open the waterproof hat on the charging port and connect the adapter with the board. The light of the adapter will be in red when successfully charging and turn green when fully charged.

More Detailed Pictures of the Product



Quick Getting Start

1.Power on

At first, press the power button about 3 second (the button located at the bottom of  the skateboard) untill the power button blue light was turned on, the skateboard will give "didi" sound and the power button keeps blue light. And then turn on the remote controller, you will hear "di" sound, see the remote indicator twinking and four LED indicators bright on the remote, finally power on operation is finished.

2. Check the speed mode

Please make sure the speed mode's switch is located at "LO" (LO means low speed mode, speed 8km/h). please be sure NOT to switch the speed mode while your are sliding on the boards!

3. Get on the board

At first draw down the control trigger to let the skateboard stay brake condition. then put your feet up separately and make sure keep your knees benting, maintain control of your body's center of gravity over the skateboard.

4. Get start to slide

Before moving forward, keep your body's center of gravity placed on the front foot, then push forward the  control trigger slowly, you will find the skateboard is moving forward slowly; Before you want to break, please keep your body's center of gravity is place on the back foot, then draw down the  control trigger slowly, you will find the skateboard will be decelerate slowly (Please do NOT switch to HI speed mode unless your are very familiar on sliding)

5. Turn a corner

Use your own sole and heel, incline the skateboard to a suitable tilt angle, the inclined direction is as same as the turn corner direction. When you turning a corner, please lower your body's center of gravity to avoild loosing gravity and fall off the skateboard.

6. Power off

After you finished sliding, please turn off the remote controller power first and then turn off the skateboard power. The skateboard power will be automatic shut down in 8 minites after you leave the skateboard along.


Please be sure to read this manual before riding the board, or Maxfind won’t be responsible for any damage caused by ignoring this manual’s warnings. 

Company Information


MaxFind is a trust-worthy brand in electric skateboards area since 2015. We are a company with factory background and electric skateboards research and development team. MaxFind is strive to bring the hightest safety standard and coolest electric skateboards and accessories with affordable price to our customers. Our best-known Max A, Max B and Max C electric skateboards are increasingly popular all over the world. This is Maxfind only official flagship store, please recognize the accurate website ( and open to see the buyers' review.





Maxfind Skateboards are Frequently Appear on World-class Expo

We had taken part in 2017 April Hong Kong Electronics Spring Fair & 2017 Oct Hong Kong Global Sources Consumer Electronics Show.
Maxfind electric skateboards has been appreciated and recognized by oversea customers, Maxfind as a trustful electric skateboard brand is more and more influential in the world.



certification of motherboard


If you satisfied with our product, kindly leave full-stars and good feedback for us.Your feedback will encourage us a lot and we will leave good feedback to you too. Your encouragement is our greatest motivation.Thank you!


Qusetion & Answer

Q1: How fast is the maximum speed of skateboarding?

A: The highest speed we measured with multiple APPs is 26~28km/h.

Q2: Can skateboards be used to play tricks?

A: Our skateboarding position is used to solve the last mile and is a city transport tool, so buyers are advised not to try dangerous actions.

Q3: About skateboard life issues

A: Each skateboard has a series of aging tests at the factory, which is more than 5 years of service in normal use.

Q4: About acceleration and braking

A: We control acceleration and deceleration through the remote control. When you push the remote control forward, the skateboard will accelerate; when you push the remote control backwards, the skateboard will slow down.

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